Firefly Coffeehouse offers several flavors of fresh, locally roasted Kickapoo coffee - both decaf and regular. The following glossary will have you up to speed on the most delicious coffee drinks in all of Oregon.

Brewed Coffee

Four brewed coffees available daily including our house blend of Organic/Fair Trade Driftless Morning Blend, a feature decaf, a feature medium roast and a feature dark roast

Cafe Au Lait - Equal parts of any of the above coffees and milk

Espresso Drinks

Latte - Espresso mixed and steamed milk

Cappuccino - Espresso, steamed milk and milk foam

Flavored Latte - Add any of our over 30 flavored syrups to your latte (many also available sugar-free)

Mocha Latte - Espresso, steamed milk, chocolate and whip cream

Americano - Espresso and water

Macchiato - Two shots of espresso with a dollop of foamed milk

Red Eye - Brewed coffee with a shot of espresso

Espresso - Intense, rich black coffee made and served at once

White Zombie - Lightly roasted espresso, white chocolate and steamed milk

All espresso drinks can be served iced as well


Chai Tea Latte - Original, green tea, vanilla, chocolate, raspberry and decaf

Hot Tea - see the: TEA page for our tea list and information

Iced - Available during summer months only


Hot Cocoa

Mexican Spiced Cocoa

Steamer - Steamed milk and flavored syrup

Italian Soda - Sparkling water and flavored syrup

French Soda - Sparkling water, flavored syrup and a shot of cream

Various bottles and cans of juice, soda, energy drinks, etc.

Blender Drinks

Ice Rages

Fruit Tea Blasts

Green Tea Blast
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